Cal Fire, McKinney Fire & Oak Fire, and Workers' Compensation

Updated: August 01, 2022



We are well into fire season with McKinney and Oak Fires dominating the news.  The focus is on climate change affecting dry conditions, loss of structures and homes, and loss of land.  

However, there isn’t enough focus on the impact this has on the fire fighters for CAL FIRE that out there battling these blazes.  Most of these fire fighters are fighting the fires for long hours in dangerous conditions. 

This leads to injuries which brings in the workers’ compensation system which ranks last in the Country for medical treatment.

It’s my personal opinion that most citizens in our State don’t care about the workers’ compensation system until they need it.  I can understand that, because we all tend to focus on what is “in front of us,” however, that reality has lead to a system that is last in the Country in medical treatment (at the time of this writing).  The State, County, and City agencies and private insurance companies have pushed law makers to pass laws based on faulty narratives that have greatly impact our workers’ compensation system.

What many people don’t realize is that most CAL FIRE fire fighters are seasonal and that leads to more years of work to attain retirement.  They already work a physically taxing job and then have to work more years to reach retirement age.  That is all assuming that a workers’ compensation injury doesn’t end their career early.

If you combine a workers’ compensation injury with a system that is last in the country in medical treatment, more careers are ending early based on disabilities created by poor medical treatment.  

Therefore, if you have a workers’ compensation claim, you need to contact my office right away, so we can create a strategy to get you out of system as fast as we can.  
My firm worked with the CAL FIRE union (2881) to build an attorney list for the State of California.  If I don’t handle a case in your area, I will direct you to the attorney who does.