Sacramento Workers' Compensation Attorney

Updated: August 18, 2022



Sacramento Workers' Compensation Attorney

My office has focused its representation on safety personnel including CDCR correctional officers, CAL FIRE firefighters, city and county firefighterscity police, and deputy sheriff and county correctional officers.  We have been handling cases all over Northern California.  Although we already have been handling cases in Sacramento, we are opening an office in Sacramento.  
The purpose of this article is to introduce our firm to the Sacramento community.   This announcement is important for those safety personnel who desire options in a workers' compensation attorney.  Some law firms are large with many attorneys and others have a boutique approach to workers' compensation.  Some injured workers prefer the large firm and others prefer a smaller firm.  Our office is a small firm with a focus on workers' compensation with emphasis on safety personnel.

Sacramento Workers' Compensation Lawyer and Retirement 

In handling these types of claims, we have knowledge on how retirement benefits affect a workers' compensation claim that substantially incapacitates safety personnel from their job.
Our office works with a local labor firm on those retirement issues.  For entities that use CALPERS, we will assist our clients with the Industrial Disability Retirement applications and if litigated, our labor firm relationships will assist on the litigation side.
The point with our law firm is that you aren't going to hear what most workers' compensation firms say to their clients which is "I don't handle those type of claims, and I won't do anything on that and you'll have to find someone that does."  We will assist you in the process and if another attorney is used for retirement, we will work with that lawyer.  This is important, because the workers' compensation claim must be handled in a certain way for the retirement benefits especially if its disability retirement benefits you seek.

Sacramento Workers' Compensation Lawyer | How We're Different

Generally, when you speak with us, our attorney will talk to you about your claim on the initial call and understand what your goals sit.  Do you want to continue working?  Do you need to retire?  How much service time do you have?   If we represent you, it will be at the correct time,  In a sense, we don't try to "sign up" every client that calls at that moment.  Most come back to us, but the point is that when you talk to us, there is a strategy and approach when it comes to these claims especially when they are career ending.

Our Request From Sacramento Area Safety Personnel

If you are safety, contact our office before you make a decision on a hiring lawyer.  There are a lot of competent lawyers in the Sacramento area; if all the attorneys are the same in competency, then your decision may come down to style or who you "click with."  Our firm is not for everyone; however, every firm isn't for everyone, therefore, it drives home the point that you need to find the right "fit" for you.