Work Comp Claims & Investigators

Updated: August 13, 2022


You were injured at work. You filed your claim with your employer. You have gotten a lot of confusing letters from their work comp insurance company. Now you have a phone call from someone at the insurance company saying you will be speaking with an investigator to take your statement.

Don't do it! If you are set to speak with an investigator, then it is time to contact an attorney. The problem with investigators is they are asking you questions that could have a big impact on your work comp claim.  They are going to ask you questions about the injury you are claiming.

They are going to get into your past and want to know all doctors you have been to, any past injuries you have had.

If you answer the questions truthfully, but in a fashion that gives the reader the wrong impression on your answer, it could drastically affect the outcome of your claim.

The insurance company will eventually get the information they are seeking even if you have an attorney, however, when you have an attorney, the insurance company will be forced to ask the questions with your attorney present in the proper format.An attorney can prepare you for these types of questions.

An attorney can advise you as to what they looking for and why they are asking. Knowing why they are asking these questions and understanding what they are getting at can be very helpful to you and your case.

Medical treatment, disability payments while you are off work, and potential settlement value for impairment will be at stake right in that moment you are answering questions.

We cannot impress upon you the importance of not proceeding with an investigation statement without the assistance of an attorney.