California Work Comp Bill on PTSD


Updated: August 23, 2022

S.B. 284 which would provide a workers' compensation presumption for PTSD is up for its final vote in the California Assembly.  S.B. 284 would expand the PTSD presumption to active firefighters, Department of Developmental Services, the California Department of Veteran Affairs, and to additional peace officers including security officers for Department of Justice who are assigned duties as a security officers and officers of State Department of State Hospitals.  

In addition, provisions will be made public safety dispatchers, public safety telecommunicators, and emergency response communcation employees.

If passed, this law would apply to injuries occuring on or after January 1, 2023.

Many unions for Safety personnel and the departments that they work have put a strong emphasis in recent years on employees being encouraged to address PTSD issue.  

Specifically, CAL FIRE Union Local 2881 (California's union for wild land firefighters) have put emphasis in periodicals on building a culture of "getting help" with PTSD.