CDCR Correctional Officer Assisted Police Officer


Updated: September 20, 2022

Harold Gaskill, a correctional officer who works for the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation was driving to Blythe.  As he was driving, he noticed a police officer in a struggle with a suspect on the side of the freeway.

Officer Gaskill pulled over, removed his cover to reveal his uniform and provided assistance to the police officer.  

The reports indicate that the police officer had pulled over the suspect's vehicle on Interstate 10.  After requesting consent, the officer conducted a search and found a loaded handgun and what he thought could be drugs.  After placing one suspect in custody, another began struggling.

Officer Gaskill pulled his off-duty firearm after the police officer informed him that a gun was on the road near three other suspects who were not struggling.

When the police officer saw Gaskill approaching, he shouted there was a gun on the road near the three people. He asked Gaskill to cover them while he struggled to handcuff his suspect.