Published Data Shows Ten Most Common Work Injuries


Updated: August 22, 2022

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health published data on the ten most common work injuries.  

Those injuries were as follows:

  1. Strains reported by mainly manual labor profession.
  2. Contusions which "bruising" injuries.
  3. Lacerations which commonly involve the hands and finger.
  4. Sprains usually caused by slip and fall injuries, pushing, pulling, or lifting heavy items.
  5. Punctures which involve sharp objects such as nail guns, scissors, power tools, and medical equipment.
  6. Burns and electrocutions caused by working around furnaces, chemicals, steam and electrical sources.
  7. Foreign objecting entering the body usually found on construction sites where impalement is most risky.
  8. Broken bones usually seen in vehicle accidents, slip and fall injuries, or misuse of heavy machinery.
  9. Crush injuries which are usually caused by heavy objects or machinery.
  10. Concussions can occur from falls or items falling from above (like at a construction site).

The data was published in 2020 based on a third-party provider that had paid benefits between 2011 and 2018.  If the claims included more than basic ten listed above, the claim was not included in the data.